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Albert van Wyk has a philosophy that it is never a problem to do anything right the first time and above all “according to the book.”

He was very successful during the early part of his career and made rapid progress in the corporate world.

He started a construction company during 1973 and was soon known for the excellent finishes of his houses. His ability to work to the finest detail and to set high standards contributed to the high demand for his services.

His company was commissioned to construct two of the 10 homes at the “Absa / The Star” home show in 2000 in Cedar Lakes.

Two of his houses featured on the TV program “Top Billing” during the same year.

His 38 years on building sites was the perfect foundation when he started a new business of doing house and roof inspections at the age of 72 and utilise his experience to the benefit of his clients.

It was an eye opener to discover how badly clients are treated by some contractors, and the poor workmanship which they have to accept due to their ignorance.

This book is a result of his antipathy in all of this and to help and guide home owners through the process of buying, selling and building.